Amaizing Wool(TM) is found exclusively in CozyPure® Natural and Organic Mattresses and Bedding

Amaizing WoolTM

We've been using wool in our mattresses and bedding for more than a decade. We praise it's wonderful natural properties to wick away moisture, maintain our body temperature, and it's natural flame retardancy. There's no doubt, it's the perfect component for the upper layers of any mattress. But we also enjoy researching new and innovative natural fibers, and we love opportunities to continually develop CozyPure with enhancements that make it better for our customers, and the environment.

Mattresses, comforters and pillows that use wool, require the wool first be carded into fiber batts. Wool batting is produced by bonding or interlocking the fibers to create a consistant woolen nonwoven fiber, which is then used in the various bedding products. The carding process is accomplished by one of three bonding procedures:

  • Mechanical Bonding (Needle-Punched) which can result in lumpy and thinner batting
  • Chemical Solvents (toxic solutions)
  • Thermal Bonding (heat with resin) provides a consistant loftiness

    Thermal Bonding is an energy efficient and environmentally-smart, non-polluting choice. It also produces a very soft, yet durable batting with superior loft. Thermal Bonding requires a small percentage of resin lightly applied to the wool, which is heated, then cooled. Normally this resin is a petrochemical polyester or chemical glue, which melts into the wool to hold the bond. Obviously, this was not a choice for us.

    We didn't want to bond our chemical-free, organically-managed pure grow wool with petrochemicals, but we loved the consistency and durability of the thermal batting. We wanted the best of both worlds: a chemical-free natural fiber that was superior in quality and durability. After many months of exhaustive research, and talking with our suppliers, mills, and associates, we discovered PLA (polyactic acid). PLA, sometimes referred to as Ingeo(tm), is a biodegradable polymer derived from starch-rich plants, mostly corn sugars, which provide the durability of a synthetic without the toxic-laden chemicals. We were fortunate to find a state-of-the-art carding mill that could use a small amount of PLA as the natural resin to thermally bond our chemical-free wool.... and Amaizing Wool (TM) was created.

    Amaizing Wool(TM) offers the superior thermal bonding process, using corn-based PLA as the natural resin. Corn-based-PLA offers wonderful natural advantages that complement the beauty of our chemical-free pure wool. Corn-PLA is completely biodegradable, made from naturally renewable resources using eco-smart manufacturing. Strength and resilience are balanced with comfort and softness. In addition, corn-PLA is naturally flame retardant, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and offers great moisture control and breathability. This means that corn-PLA is ideally suited for bedding and mattresses, especially when combined with our chemical-free pure wool. This dynamic duo is truly amazing!

    Amaizing Wool(TM) is found exclusively in CozyPure® mattresses and bedding. CozyPure® natural and organic mattresses are available through the Organic Comfort Zone... the only place in America where you can "Chill Out Naturally".


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